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    PRICE of Success in College

    Here are five values for college success: 

    1.     ProfessionalismProfessionalism demonstrates a student’s willingness to take on responsibility and shows they are accountable for the choices they make from the way they perform their studies to the way they interact with others. They are able to communicate effectively, dress in a presentable manner and are able to handle conflict with confidence and respect.

    2.     Respect: Students who understand the importance of respect know the importance of listening and validating the feelings and input of others. It helps people maintain a positive and respectful attitude with all of their dealings. Tolerance demonstrates an ability to respect others and be interested in the feelings, opinions and values of those they encounter with patience and a sincere attempt to understand the position of others.

    3.     Integrity: Integrity is one of the most important aspects that will allow people to inspire trust from teachers and classmates as well as co-workers and managers once they graduate. When people adhere to the rules they show they have respect for the school or work environment and following proper procedures that contribute to order. It also helps avoid disruption and a break-down of communication. They remain focused on meeting their goals and inspire trust that they can take on further responsibility. They have an appreciation for the team and respect the accomplishments of others.

    4.     Caring/Community: Understanding that all roles provide a service whether it is to the public, to classmates or to fellow students is key to caring. A caring attitude is shown with a positive outlook and is continued from the most menial assignments to more challenging tasks and projects. Communication is always an important aspect of community and allows people to contribute to the community more effectively. Supporting others is the final and most important aspect of caring and community which demonstrates the ability to work with a team as well as showing the potential to lead.

    5.     EngagementFinally consistently contributing demonstrates an employee or student is engaged as they participate effectively with focus and dedication. They are able to achieve their goals with a focus on exceeding expectations in everything they do. Engagement allows employees and students to seek advancement and improve their current position by looking for ways to improve themselves in everything they do.

    Herzing College's P.R.I.C.E of Success program focuses on these five attributes allowing students to succeed in their studies as well as their future careers.

    The staff and instructors at Herzing College are grateful for all our graduates. Our alumni represent Herzing College in the workplace by using the skills they studied so hard to gain. We are very proud of you!


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